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The most common problems we encounter when dealing with tablet PC repairs are badly scratched screens or a broken and cracked screens

Tablet Repairs

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The Tablet is all the rage now in the technical and social communities, with a great deal of units having been ordered and sold in the past few months and this market is growing all the time. Therefore it is inevitable that some of these hand-held computers will suffer from accidental damages and breakages. So are there options for a Tablet Repair, or does it mean that you have to just purchase a new one to replace the one you have accidentally broken?

Fortunately, we are an on-site and on-line service with experienced and trained staff who offer Tablet Repairs. For a much lower price than it would cost you to buy a new Tablet, you can usually get it fixed and shipped back to you by our technicians.

The most common damage that is seen in Tablets tends to be a broken or cracked screen (which makes sense, since the screen takes up pretty much the entire front of the unit). The screen has very little to do with the processing and hardware equipment on the inside of the computer, so it's a problem that can most probably be fixed fairly easily.

In fact, we have already come across Tablets that were so badly damaged that you would think they could never be repaired and we were still able to make them look like new by the time we had finished the repairs. Don't take it for granted that your equipment can't be repaired by us, a business that knows what it's doing and practices professionalism.

Because of their size and relative fragility, the Tablet PC can be easily damaged by dropping it, sitting on it, crushing it underfoot well there is a hundred and one other you can do to break it. If this ever happens to you, don't go right out and buy a new one. Instead, google us, look online for Bates Computer Repairs , we are a trustworthy repair company and get the job done. 

Media issues such as the sound or video does not function as it should, and other minor to major hardware problems are a common factor too. Software is also a significant part of our workload, removing virus infections, spyware and fixing common program and installation errors. All of these factors will effect the overall performance and security of your harware and operating system.

The brands we most commonly fix are often the Amazon Kindle Fire, and handheld devices from many different companies, Apple iPads and a variety of similar makes and models from other device manufacturers.

As a laptop specialist, we don’t just deal with laptops, our technicians are fully qualified to deal with many kinds of tablet problems you may experience as well. At our workshop in the heart of Colchester Town Center, we are proud to say that our team of skilled professionals are very experienced and can fix any type of fault. Be it a simple or serious hardware problem, or a software installation error to a damaged screen, if it can be fixed, we will fix it!

As technology smartens every day, our specialists are continuously working to keep up to date with the latest repair techniques and we understand how fragile computers are. We have dealt with many which have been damaged from being accidently dropped. At Bates Computer Repairs we understand how expensive tablet PC's are, and that’s why we offer a free diagnosis and a great fixed price. You know from day one, how much it’s going to cost you, we also have a No-Fix No-Fee price promise on all tablet PC repairs.

If you are experiencing any of the issues related to the statment above, contact us now, we will get to work on your computer and set the recovery solution in motion. Of course you may intend to repair the tablet yourself, as this is now quite possible now by looking this information up on the Internet. If this is the case and you run in to difficulties, we are always here to give you some friendly advice if need be.

We provide you with an exceptional customer support service.

You can call our workshop telephone number 01206 501810 between 8am to 8pm, or get in touch with us on our mobile phone number 07716 881854 any time 24/7.

Payment is only due on completeion of the work carried out and there are no call out charges.

We service and maintain:

IBM, Toshiba, Acer, Dell, HP, Asus, Sony, Fujitsu, Samsung, Sharp, Compaq, Packard Bell, Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle Fire and all other makes.
Whether it is a fan causing overheating issues, keyboard, hard drive, cracked screen or memory problem, no job is to small or to large.

Software related services are provided for dealing with and fixing virus infections, trojan, rootkit, spyware and adware removal, hardware diagnostics, operating system optimization, restore Microsoft Windows registry, resolving device driver and internet connection problems.Dell Compaq Asus Apple

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